Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Easy Mango Mousse

  As we are often unable to get cream or eggs I invented this recipe to use up the mangos that grow so well in our garden. You can use windfalls or even slightly green mangos with success. Use as many mangos as you wish - 12 to 20 are ideal. Skin and slice fruit off the stone and place in a large microwave container. Add enough water to come to the top of the mangos. Cook on high for about 15 to 20 minutes stirring every five minutes to ensure none of the mango overcooks. The mangos should be soft but not too have much water left in the container. Let the fruit cool slightly and transfer into a food processor bowl. Process until a puree. Add about 250 gr of icing sugar (or to taste) to the mango and process again. Transfer into a serving bowl - preferably glass - and place in the fridge to get very cold. The mousse will thicken in the fridge. Decorate with slices or cubes of mango or red berries such as strawberries or rasberries.
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