Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Tinned Tuna Curry

Quick and easy - ideal to serve to unexpected guests.This is a  light curry with an unusual flavour - originally from a Ranch Motel Newsletter but adapted by me - this will serve two to three people but can easily be increased to serve a crowd.  It is better if the sauce is slightly runny as the wonderful flavours can be soaked up by the rice. Once you have tried it you can increase the heat of the curry powder but, although a chili freak - i think the milder curry gives a better flavour.

2 large onions -- chopped
1 large green pepper -- chopped
1 apple -- chopped
1 tin light meat tuna in oil
2 teaspoons turmeric -- heaped
1 teaspoon fish masala or mild curry powder
1 teaspoon dried herbs
ground black pepper
1 carton cream or sour cream
1 handful cashew nuts -- optional

Fry the onion green pepper and apple until onion is translucent in the oil from the tuna
Add the turmeric and curry powder (you can use all curry powder or fish masala if preferred)
Fry until spices have absorbed some of the oil
add the tuna and the mixed herbs
Jut before serving add cream to make a thick sauce - this can be sour cream if liked
Add a handful of cashew nuts (optional)
Serve with Basmaati Rice - poppadoms  and a glass of white wine!