Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Apple Struedel

This recipe was given to me by the legendary Mrs Buckwell. It is easy to make and I have been told by an Austrian that it is better than her mother's strudel! If you are at a lower altitude than Harare you may have to cook it for less time - take off about 10 minutes - if it sounds hollow when tapped than it is ready. This is one of my family's favourites - I hope you like it! Serve with lashings of whipped cream if you can get it - or is a slimmer version is required try home made or Greek yogurt! **** Pastry **** 1 Pound Flour 1 Large Egg Yolk 1 Tablespoon Oil 1 Pinch Salt Lukewarm Water Strudel 1 Pound Melted Butter 10 Large Apples, Peeled -- and sliced (you can use tinned apples - they work just as well) 1 Cup Sultanas Cinnamon 1 Cup Caster Sugar 2 Cups Bread Crumbs -- fried in butter Use enough water to make a pliable dough with the flour, egg yolk, oil and salt. Knead for 20 to 25 minutes being very rough with the dough dropping it from a height onto the table and throwing around. Cover and let rest ten minutes. Place on a well floured tablecloth or sheet and roll into an oblong. Pull and stretch with hands until very thin - almost transparent. Sprinkle with melted butter using enough to barely cover the dough. Cover with apples and sprinkle with more butter, sultanas, cinnamon, caster sugar and white bread crumbs. Cut the thick edges off the dough - flap over the short sides and sprinkle these with more butter. Hold cloth and roll up loosely longways until the join is underneath. bend into a horseshoe shape and put into a pan of melted butter - spoon butter over the roll so it is well covered and sprinkle with caster sugar trying not to get any onto the baking pan. bake slowly at 375 degrees until golden and hollow sounding to touch. About 1 hour. Dust with icing sugar when cold.