Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Princess Margaret's Boozy Delights

I understand this was one of her favourite desserts. It serves six and is the ideal end to a rich meal. I have made and served this recipe in Zimbabwe on many occasions
5 Milligrams Gelatin 250 Milliliters Cream 25 Grams Caster Sugar 25 Milliliters Brandy 25 Milliliters Sherry
(You might want to use the last of a bottle of a liquor or whisky instead. Brandy and Sherry are not always available in Zimbabwe these days!) 12 1/2 Milligrams Almonds (use macadamia nuts if almonds are not available. Dissolve gelatin in water (microwave 30 seconds). Lightly beat the cream and sugar add the brandy, sherry and ground nuts. Stir in the dissolved gelatin. Pour into little pots and chill.
Serve on its own or with finger biscuits or strawberries!

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