Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Fudgy Chocolate Delights

100 Grams Butter 25 Milliliters Golden Syrup 200 Grams Tennis Biscuits -- lightly crushed 25 Grams Raisins 50 Grams Candied Cherries 150 Grams Baking Chocolate -- CHOPPED ****Icing**** 50 Grams Baking Chocolate 25 Milliliters Milk 25 Milligrams Butter 175 Grams Powdered Icing Sugar -- sifted Melt butter and syrup and stir in biscuit crumbs, fruit and chocolate - mix well - (chocolate should melt completely but butter not become oily). Press into a cling wrap lined 500 gram loaf tin and refrigerate overnight if possible. Turn out onto a serving plate and remove cling wrap. Place icing ingredients except icing sugar in a bowel and melt. Add icing sugar and beat in well - spread over loaf and mark with a fork - serve sliced - decorate with extra cherries if required or nuts such as pecan halves.
A tot of brandy, rum or whiskey may be added with the melted butter and syrup - this makes it an ideal end to a special meal.
You may serve it with whipped cream or even a good ice cream but be warned it is very rich.

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