Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Left over mashed potato

Having left over mashed potato - whether it is instant or real is a reality.
I never throw anything away unless necessary so a batch of left over potato is a challenge!
Try this: Whatever potato you have - should be at least a cup 1 egg
salt and pepper
cornflour to mix.
Mix all together - make sure seasoning is good (you can add parsley if you want - or dill or tarragon)
The more potato you have makes the difference between potato cakes and potato balls.
If you have a slack mixture - just place spoons in hot oil and cook until golden brown.
If it is a thick mixture you can form into balls and deep fry.
The cornflour makes the outside very crispy!
Serve with meat, a vegetarian vegetable bake or as a starter with apple sauce.

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