Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Mock Babas

This is a quick alternative to the normal Rum Baba - the fruit makes a lovely sticky topping. 200 Grams Mincemeat 100 Grams Caster Sugar 100 Grams Butter 2 Large Eggs -- beaten 100 Grams Flour -- sifted **** Syrup ***** 150 Grams Caster Sugar 125 Milliliters Water 25 Milliliters Brandy Or Dark Rum Lightly grease ramekin dishes. Divide fruit mincemeat between dishes and spread on base (dried fruit with brandy may be substituted). Cream sugar and butter together and beat in the eggs - fold in flour and spoon mixture over mincemeat. Bake at medium high until firm - about 8 minutes. Leave to stand. Microwave all syrup ingredients 2 minutes - stir - microwave on high a further 3 minutes - cool slightly and add brandy or rum. Spoon syrup over babas and serve warm or cold with whipped cream - decorate if liked with whipped cream and glace cherries. You make make one large baba if preferred.

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