Sunday, 28 June 2009

Brandy Bombs

These are very good with coffee after dinner. 50 Grams Dark Chocolate 25 Milliliters Golden Syrup 25 Milliliters Brandy 20 Milliliters Whisky 100 Grams Marie Biscuits -- CRUSHED 50 Grams Pecans or othwer nuts -- FINELY CHOPPED Icing Sugar , Cocoa, coconut or coloured sugar -- TO Coat BLEND ALL INGREDIENTS except coating - IN A LARGE BOWL. ROLL TEASPOON SIZE AMOUNTS INTO BALLS AND DREDGE IN CHOSEN COATING- PLACE IN PAPER CASES AND/OR PACK ON TRAYS - REFRIGERATE UNTIL FIRM. BEST AFTER ONE WEEKS STORAGE AND MAY BE KEPT FOR UP TO THREE WEEKS.

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