Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Want something quick and special for New year's Eve?? Try this recipe - it takes 20 minutes to make - just refrigerate and drink - tastes just like the real thing!!! 1/2 pint cream -- chilled 3 large eggs -- chilled 4 ounces cane syrup -- chilled (make by boiling sugar and water until it starts to thicken) 6 ounces vodka -- chilled 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract Beat eggs well and add cream gradually beating all the time until well blended. Beat in the cane (sugar) syrup followed by the vodka. Add the vanilla. Bottle. The Avocaat should be very thick.
You can serve it as it is or with a cinnamon stick to stir the thick drink or a touch of nutmeg on top. A touch of orange peal also makes a different variation!
Avocaat with soda water also makes a good long drink.

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